How to : Travel in Style!

My job requires a lot of traveling and believe me these distances aren’t short!! If not planned properly you can end up getting out of the destination airport looking like well, not so pretty ūüėČ

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you have a comfortable flight and walk out of that airport looking Fabulous!

1) Drink, Drink , Drink…! – The most important thing to do on short or long distance travel is hydrate! While on board a flight, the air con

and air pressure in a plane, dehydrates your system, making your skin dry and stripped off its moisture. Drinking less water also messes with the circulation in the body, making your knees and ankles swell and cramp up due to water retention.

Drink Water

2) Travel ‘Must-have’ – Carry¬†– on mini toiletry pouch – Traveling long distances makes your face dry and your breathe even worse! (like someone died in your mouth!!) Traveling in style also requires traveling with hygiene (and what if you met this oh so hot looking¬†hunk on the plane??)¬†Most airports allow you to carry 100 ml of small bottles in your carry on or purse and What I’ve found useful is the mini travel size products (available at Target) or any drug store that are just perfect for that mini toiletry pouch. Essential items to have in the pouch are:

– Tooth paste

– Tooth brush

–¬†Body lotion

– Floss

–¬†Face cream

– Lip Gloss/Balm

3) Dress to Impress¬†but comfortably –¬†What I’ve noticed in many travel related articles,¬†¬†they say¬†you can wear tall boots, and those tight jeans and fitted shirts. Well, I¬†can tell you one thing – they haven’t set foot in an air craft, flying 30,000 ft above sea level and definitely not sat in those tight jeans for 9 hours.

You definitely have to look chic while traveling and there’s a way to do it.

РTLJ РYes, Treggings, Leggings & Jeggings all come to the rescue. I love wearing treggings or Jeggings on flights more that 24 hours since you tend to get cold. And I reserve my leggings for shorter flights. These help you walk , sleep, sit & stand comfortably while making you look like a diva!

– Booties, Chic Moccasins – No sneakers please! – Wearing Booties or a pair of chic looking moccasins are the answer to looking fabulous on your feet while traveling. The worse part about any airport security ¬†is removing your footwear (just imagine the trouble you’re in with those tall boots!) Booties or any kind of easily removable footwear is key, you can carry a pair of socks to change into on the flight in case your feet get cold. (at least that’s what I do).

Travel in style

4) Sunnies РWe all know that you can hide behind that glamorous pair of coach sunnies your boyfriend gave you last Christmas. Sunnies are the best way to hide those puffy and tired eyes after a long haul flight and you can walk around in style!

coach sunglasses

5) A tote Is stylish but not functional – Well, if I were Jennifer Anniston and had a manager to worry about my forex and documentation I would willingly carry a tote. What I’ve found most useful is a utility sling bag. These are available in varied shapes, sizes and colors and helps you keep all your important stuff in place. It also gives you the peace of mind while you’re in la la land after a glass of wine or two ūüėČ

Rag and Bone

To finish off your look, add a beautiful scarf and a stylish jacket and you’re all set for¬†your next rendezvous with the world!!

Stay fabulous!



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